Abbas Sabetian
Compressed Air Consultants

We have been dealing with Compressed Air for over two decades and our activities are categorized in several branches.

  • Full servicing and rebuilding of all types of Air Compressors of reciprocating or rotary screw types.
  • We sell both new and second-hand Air Compressors, Dryers, etc. (All the second-hand equipment will carry a full 6 months warranty).
  • We design complete Compressed Air network and systems for the new plants and for modifying the existing plants together with full pipe work and installation services.
  • Supplying Pneumatics components for control and automation form a major part of our activities cooperating with IMI Norgren, an international Company.
  • Reciprocating Gas Compressors are subject of our cooperation with CPI (Compressor Products international , a UK Company) focusing on Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and related industries.

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