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     CPI, COMPRESSOR PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL , brings a new and highly technical approach to the design and supply of critical components for reciprocating compressor , gas engines and related equipment . CPI expertise is based on a thorough knowledge of compressor operations, involving extensive control with compressor manufacturers and users in the oil, gas, petrochemical and related industries-worldwide.

    For every application , whether for compressor valves, piston rods, piston sealing or rod packing, care is taken to ensure that the optimum design and the very best materials are selected. All supplies are fully backed with an unequalled technical advisory to ensure their proper installation and use.

    Efficient manufacturing facilities in three European locations enable CPI to produce and market a comprehensive range of packing and piston rings, involving all commonly specified metallic and plastic materials, at highly competitive prices, and on prompt delivery.

    In addition to conventionally specified sealing materials such as cast iron, bronze, babbitt and filled-PTFE, CPI has introduced exclusive new plastics with particular problem-solving capabilities, including CPI GRADE 184 which exhibits lower wear rates than other packing or piston ring materials in BONE-DRY gases and CPI GRADE 192, a tough, high temperature plastic which can usefully replace metallic piston rings or packings in practically all high-pressure, lubricated compressors and has found increasing application in high-pressure, non lubricated duty.

    Exclusive distribution arrangements have allowed CPI to make available to an international industry some exceptional compressor products, notably the CPI/MANLEY COMPRESSOR VALVE which features the use of plastic valve discs of unique curved profile, offering exceptional reliability and efficiency in a broad range of applications.

    PISTON RODS, PISTONS AND CYLINDER LINEARS of the highest specification and fully quality assured are manufactured within a dedicated CPI factory , and represent a useful complement to CPI's range of piston and rod seals, and with ever -increasing emphasis on plant efficiency and reliability.

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