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HAYWARD A History of Innovation

In 1923, HAYWARD industries began manufacturing specialty metal valves and industrial flow control products. Since then, HAYWARD has evolved through key aquisitions, technological advances and product innovations into two global business group, HAYWARD Pool Products and HAYWARD Industrial Products is comprised of three divisions: HAYWARD Plastic Flow COntrol Systems, one of the largest industrial plastic valve manufacturers in the united States; HAYWARD Seperation Systems, the largest manufacturer of metal pipeline strainers in the world; and HAYWARD Filtration, a leading manufacturer of industrial bag and cartrdge filters for liquid filteration systems. HAYWARD Industries entered the filtration market in 1994 with a specialized line of industrial and commercial filtration products. Aquiring the American Flet and Filter's Filtration Division in 1996 added bag filters and filter media to HAYWARD's product mix, while aquiring Germany's LOEFFLER(R) Filter-Technik in 1998 greatly expanded HAYWARD's bag filtration product line. In 1999, the acquisition of GAF(R) Filter Systems established HAYWARD as the world's premier supplier of liquid bag filtration poducts. GAF Filter Systems developed the concept of liquid bag filtration over three decades ago, building it into the sophisticated filtration systems that are available today. In fact, every existing bag filtration system today is modeled on GAF Filter Systems' original patents. For more than 40 years, LOEFFLER developed innovative advances in multi-bag filtration vessels for liquid filtration systems, including a unique quick opening cover that greatly reduced bag change-out times, and a tangential outlet which reduced vessel height, making it easier to access the filter bags. These companies' more than seven decades of bag filtration expertise have merged under HAYWARD banner. As a result, HAYWARD now far exceeds the capabilities of any other manufacturer, and continues to evolve as one of the largest manufacturers of single and multi-bag filtration systems in the world. HAYWARD Filtration is a worldwide manufacturer of an innovative line of bag and cartridge filters for liquid filtration. Today, HAYWARD has seven manufacturing facilities located in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, a total of 26 company-owned sales offices, and an independent distribution network that serves HAYWARD Filtration customers in 45 countries. In 2002, HAYWARD introduced the merger of the LOEFFLER and GAF Filter Systems product lines as the "The Power of One." The combined know-how and and experience of these two leading companies, backed by HAYWARD's resources, gives our customers an improved, ever-evolving product portfolio of the finest filtration systems available.

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